How Can Google Panda Update Affect Our Website Ranking

We all know that content plays a very important role in SEO. In other words we can say that content is king. But today not only writing an original content for your website is important but you must also make sure that your content must be of good quality.  We can say that Google has become more intellectual and smart. Today Google gives importance only that content which are original, free and of good quality. This improvement was implemented on 24th February 2011 and is known as Google Panda. Due to this improvement many websites have lost their ranking in search engine. Hence, if you are also very cynic about ranking of your website on Google then you must read the tips that are given below:

If with this recent upgrade the ranking of your website have been also affected then you must assess contents of your website as soon as possible. You can eliminate the pages with low quality content of your website. You can also replace the content and can write original, free and good quality of content for your website.

If your website contains duplicate content then remember your site will never have good ranking in search engine after Google Panda update. It is very important to remove duplicate content and post original content on your website if you want your site on first page in Google. Now exclusivity has become more important word especially on Google.

You must always update your website with quality and original content. But we all know that it is not possible to change the content of ever page of the website. However, there is no need to get tense because I have a very good idea. You can add a blog section to your website and if you want then you can easily update blogs in this section every day. If you will add unique and good blogs in your website then this will not only help to improve your search engine ranking but it will also increase website traffic. You must keep in mind that your blogs must be informative also.

Before adding blog section in your website you must keep in mind that you must use suitable categories and navigation for your blog. This will help you to get better results in search engine.

It is true that the best way to earn money is Google Adsense but you must be very careful because due to too many advertisements on your website you can lose your ranking in search engine. After the Google Panda update the ranking of the website not only depends on the content but the ratio of advertisements also matters. If you will keep these tips in mind then it will help you to get better ranking in Google and other search engine.