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The following studies were produced by various governmental, business, academic, and non-profit organizations. Each provides information and analyses about the near-term potential and/or status of renewable energy and energy efficient technologies. Collectively, they document how it is possible to use sustainable energy technologies to meet U.S. energy needs while simultaneously reducing energy imports, phasing-out nuclear power, and cutting greenhouse gas emissions.


SUSTAINABLE ENERGY STUDY #1 — Clean Energy Policies Could Save Iowa Consumers More Than $1 Billion, Create 5,000 Jobs and Cut Fossil-Fuel Pollution by 2020

SUSTAINABLE ENERGY STUDY #2 — Tackling Global Warming at the Local Level – U.S. Cities Are Struggling to Meet Greenhouse Gas Emissions Targets

SUSTAINABLE ENERGY STUDY #3 — New Report Touts Vast Energy Efficiency Potential in Texas; Challenges TXU, Other Utilities’ Call for Costly New Power Plants

SUSTAINABLE ENERGY STUDY #4 — Solar Roadmap for Arizona Unveiled – State Could Generate Up to 1,000 Megawatts of Solar Electricity and Create 3,000 Jobs by 2020

SUSTAINABLE ENERGY STUDY #5 — MIT-Led Panel Backs Geothermal ‘Heat Mining’ as a Key U.S. Energy Source

SUSTAINABLE ENERGY STUDY #6 — U.S. Can Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 72 Percent by 2050 Through Increased Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Technologies

SUSTAINABLE ENERGY STUDY #7 — New Study Shows How Florida Can Meet Nearly Half of Its Future Electricity Needs Over the Next Fifteen Years with Efficiency and Renewables

SUSTAINABLE ENERGY STUDY #8 — Researchers Find Substantial Wind Energy Resource off Mid-Atlantic Coast; Potential Is 330 GW

SUSTAINABLE ENERGY STUDY #9 — Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Can Turn the Tide on Global Warming

SUSTAINABLE ENERGY STUDY #10 — New Study Shows How Texas Can Meet Future Energy Needs with Energy Efficiency and On-site Renewables

SUSTAINABLE ENERGY STUDY #11 — Environmentalists Release Clean Energy Strategy to Replace Nuclear Plants in New Jersey

SUSTAINABLE ENERGY STUDY #12 — Solar Hot Water Could Save California the Equivalent of 24 Percent of All Gas Use in Homes

SUSTAINABLE ENERGY STUDY #13 — Rhode Island Study Wind Power Could Provide 75 Percent of State’s Electricity Needs; Points to Offshore Resources

SUSTAINABLE ENERGY STUDY #14 — Report Foresees U.S. Renewable Energy Supplying 635 GW of New Electric Generating Capacity by 2025 and Supplanting as Much as 40 Percent of U.S. Petroleum Products by 2030

SUSTAINABLE ENERGY STUDY #15 — Landmark Energy Policy Study Points the Way to U.S. Energy Future without Fossil Fuels or Nuclear Power – Protecting Climate Will Require Essentially Complete Elimination of U.S. Carbon Dioxide Emissions by 2050

SUSTAINABLE ENERGY STUDY #16 — Southeast States Would Benefit from National Renewable Electricity Standard, New Analysis Finds National Standard Would Generate Jobs, Reduce Electric Bills, and Cut Global Warming Pollution

SUSTAINABLE ENERGY STUDY #17 — U.S. Energy Information Administration Releases Renewable Energy Consumption and Electricity Preliminary 2006 Statistics; Renewables Up by 7 Percent While Fossil Fuel Use Declines

SUSTAINABLE ENERGY STUDY #18 — New Study Finds That Developing Wind Energy Will Energize Ohio’s Economy

SUSTAINABLE ENERGY STUDY #19 — Huge Potential for Green Geothermal Energy in the US

SUSTAINABLE ENERGY STUDY #20 — Renewable Energy Mandate Could Lower US CO2 Emissions 22 Percent – Executive Summary of Analysis of Energy and Economic Impacts of Implementing Both a 25-Percent RPS and a 25-Percent RFS by 2025

SUSTAINABLE ENERGY STUDY #21 — New NanoMarkets Report Predicts Thin-Film Photovoltaics Market Could Reach $7.2 Billion by 2015 – PV Could Eventually Account for as Much as 20 Percent of the U.S. Market’s Energy Needs

SUSTAINABLE ENERGY STUDY #22 — Report Shows Clean Energy Boom In U.S. – The United States Is Reaping the Rewards of State Renewable Electricity Standards

SUSTAINABLE ENERGY STUDY #23 — States Hit the Accelerator on Utility Efficiency Targets

SUSTAINABLE ENERGY STUDY #24 — Renewable Energy Focus Urged for Vermont; Up to 6,000 Jobs Seen

SUSTAINABLE ENERGY STUDY #25 — New England Can Cut Energy Use 18 Percent With “Ready to Use” Energy Solutions

SUSTAINABLE ENERGY STUDY #26 — Iowa Can Be National Model for Next-Generation Biofuels & Renewable Energy Development

SUSTAINABLE ENERGY STUDY #27 — Black & Veatch Study Identifies 5,000 MW of Renewable Energy Resources in Arizona: