MIT-Led Panel Backs Geothermal ‘Heat Mining’ as a Key U.S. Energy Source: A study sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy and conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has found that geothermal energy in the United States could achieve a capacity of 100,000 megawatts — enough to supply about 25 million homes — in […]


Solar Roadmap for Arizona Unveiled – Report Touts Solar Energy’s Bright Future in the State: Arizona could generate up to 1,000 megawatts of solar electricity and create 3,000 jobs by 2020 by supporting solar-energy technologies and boosting the state’s solar-electric industry, a state report says. ARIZONA SOLAR ELECTRIC ROADMAP STUDY <> On January 19, 2007, […]


New Report Touts Vast Energy Efficiency Potential in Texas; Challenges TXU, Other Utilities’ Call for Costly New Power Plants: Here’s a way to avoid spending billions of dollars on proposed high-polluting power plants in Texas: Saving energy. A new report concludes that Texas can meet its growing energy needs without spending money on expensive new […]


Tackling Global Warming at the Local Level – U.S. Cities Are Struggling to Meet Greenhouse Gas Emissions Targets: Institute for Local Self-Reliance, January 10, 2007 The January 2007 report, “Lessons from the Pioneers: Tackling Global Warming at the Local Level” by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR), looks at ten of the most visible and […]


The Potential for Renewable Energy in Iowa Clean energy policies could save Iowa consumers more than $1 billion, create 5,000 jobs and cut fossil-fuel pollution by 2020, Environment Iowa said in new report. Executive Summary Iowa can be a leader in renewable energy, providing home-grown power to increase our state’s and country’s energy security. Fortunately, […]

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SUN DAY CAMPAIGN 6930 Carroll Avenue, Suite #340 Takoma Park, MD 20912 301-270-NIRS, ext.23 INTRODUCTION: The following studies were produced by various governmental, business, academic, and non-profit organizations. Each provides information and analyses about the near-term potential and/or status of renewable energy and energy efficient technologies. Collectively, they document how it is possible to […]