Answering The Question “Where Can You Rent A Shared Office”?

Are you in need of a shared office space, but do not want to consider a long-term contract at the moment? There is an unlimited array of benefits to renting an office space shared by other professionals, but one thing is for sure, there are several different companies that offer commercial rental services. Below, you will discover the answer to the question, “Where can you rent a shared office.


If you are in need of a small or large office space rental, you should start by contacting your local hotel operators. Most large hotels offer executive suite, office space, and conference room rentals for short or long-term uses. You will find that the hotel staff is very accommodating and will do whatever is necessary to make you and your guests comfortable. These spaces are fully loaded, so you do not need to concern yourself about renting any type of office equipment.

Real Estate Companies

Of course, real estate companies provide intermediary services for residential and commercial sellers and buyers. Did you know that they also offer shared office rental services? Many individuals are not aware of this, so they look elsewhere for a solution to their professional needs. If you are in need of a shared office space, be sure to contact your local real estate broker, because they are prepared to set you up, today.

COZE Atlanta

If you are looking for an upscale shared office space in Atlanta, Georgia, you should check out COZE. This rental company offers competitive pricing and shared office spaces of all sizes. The facility is located in the downtown area, so you and your guests will have easy access to it. They also offer flexible leasing, which is definitely what most professionals are looking for. The staff at COZE is very accommodating and friendly, plus the environment is quaint and private.

Davinci Meeting & Conference Rooms

Another great Georgian rental company is Davinici. This company offers 4,000 meeting, rooms, executive suits, shared office spaces, and banquet room rentals. Serving over 20 states throughout the United States, you can actually utilize Davicini services to accommodate all of your office needs. This is a great option for those executives, accountants, and project managers that do contract work. Once you get comfortable with Davinici, you will never want to look elsewhere.

Premier Business Centers


When in the Atlanta, Georgia area and in need of a shared office space, be sure to keep Premier Business Centers in mind. This rental company has exactly what you are looking for:

  • Full service office spaces
  • Flexible leases
  • Office spaces of all sizes
  • Convenient locations
  • Competitive Pricing

This company has been in business since 2002, so no one knows office spaces like their experienced staff.


Now that you know the answer to “where can you rent a shared office space”, you will have no issues finding exactly what you are looking for. Most of these service providers will work with you to help you find an office space located in a convenient location. If you have any questions concerning the services provided these companies, be sure to pick up the phone and contact them, today.