About Sunday Campaign

Dear Sustainable Energy Advocate:

We are writing to invite you or your organization to become a member of the SUN DAY Campaign.

Founded in 1992, the SUN DAY Campaign is a non-profit research and educational organization supporting the aggressive development of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies.

The mission of the SUN DAY Campaign is to compile, and provide citizens with, information that demonstrates the near-term potential of sustainable energy technologies to:

  • phase out the use of nuclear power;
  • eliminate the need for oil, natural gas, and other energy imports;
  • stabilize climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 60-80%; and
  • enhance national security, provide good-quality jobs, and improve environmental and public health

Specific issues addressed include biofuels/biomass, geothermal, solar, water, and wind energy as well as fuel cells, combined heat & power, renewable hydrogen, and the full cross-section of building, industrial, transportation, appliance, lighting, and utility efficiency technologies.

Members of the SUN DAY Campaign receive:

    • a daily compilation of 10-15 news stories and/or news headlines (+ URLs) on:

(a) national legislative and political activities affecting sustainable energy; (b) state and local renewable energy & energy efficiency developments; (c) new findings on, and solutions to, climate change.

    • one or two summaries and/or news releases each week on new studies from governmental, academic, business, and non-profit sources documenting the technical and economic potential of sustainable energy technologies to address domestic energy needs
    • periodic original short reports prepared by the SUN DAY Campaign staff on national sustainable energy policy developments.

If you or your organization would like to join the SUN DAY Campaign, please complete the Membership Form that follows this letter of invitation.

We look forward to hearing from you.
Ken Bossong, Executive Director SUN DAY Campaign